Guys & gals, your Friday night, August 11th, headliners for New West Fest 2017:

Cracker Performs At Music Midtown Festival
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That (above) would be David Lowery, the vocalist for CRACKER.  (Quick trivia:  Cracker has a direct connection to Fort Collins, as I discovered when I saw them at the Mishawaka in 2015, as Lowery's wife lives in Fort Collins, and I believe is a school teacher.)

Aaaaaaannnnnd, your headliners for Saturday night, August 12th?

CBGB Festival Presents Amnesty International Concert At Barclay Center - Show
Neilson Barnard via Getty Images


And the best part is, the shows are FREE to attend, thanks to Bohemian Nights Foundation and all of the sponsors, volunteers, and other participants.

Okay, my question is this:  Will this be a larger or smaller crowd than the Steve Miller Band a couple years back.  Because if it's larger, I'm showing up at like 1pm so I can get in the place.  I want me some CAKE!

So now that we're all sufficiently thirsty, (Cracker and Cake people, come on now,) here is the rest of what we know to expect at New West Fest 2017.  That link includes any volunteer opportunities you might be interested in as well.

Get ready!




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