Seriously, the post-Super Bowl portion of the year is MY TIME TO LIVE IN PEACE AND PEYTON MANNING, I HATE YOU FOR RUINING THAT RIGHT NOW. 

I stopped caring about that Sock Blockweiler after I Googled him and found out he was married. In fact, here are things I would rather do than talk about the Broncos right now.

  • Cut all of my fingernails too short.

    That's the worst. But it's better than having to hear about something you couldn't care less about ALL THE TIME.

  • Hang out with Kanye West.

  • Get stuck at the train on Riverside for an entire day.

    Then I could be alone and not have to hear all of you talking about what team some guy I don't care about is moving to.

  • Listen to Jason Derulo say his name for 57 minutes.

  • Enroll in a calculus class at CSU.

    Yep. I would rather do that.

  • Listen my mom's Celine Dion CD I found under my driver's seat.

    Whatever. Still better.

  • Clean the public bathrooms in Old Town.

    It would be productive.

  • Vote for Donald Trump.

    OK. That one was too far, sorry.

    Joe Raedle/ Getty Images