After the announcement was made that Brock Osweiler is leaving the Denver Broncos and signed with the Houston Texans, my news feed blew up with jab after jab at the quarterback.

"I hope you fail."

"So much for loyalty."


Seeing these, all I can think are two things: 1. Shut the Hell up, and 2. Brock Osweiler, you do you, boo.

Here's the thing: Brock is young, he's got many potentially successful years ahead of him in the NFL, and he happens to play the role on the team that football players and the media glorify to the likes of titles such as "CEO" and "President."

Now let's get one thing straight before I continue my rant - I don't know much if anything about football, and I'm not going to pretend that I do right now. But I do know one thing: climbing the "football ladder" is probably a lot like climbing the corporate ladder.

Brock Osweiler wants to be a star. You can't be a star overnight, but you also can't be a star if you're constantly being overshadowed the way Brock was until Peyton Manning retired.

And Brock Osweiler understands that.

So because he wants to develop his career, this little risk taker is making moves to do that.

He's not a dumbass. He's not failing. He may not be "loyal" to the Broncos by doing this, but you know what, loyalty doesn't mean sh*t when you're trying to move up the ladder in any industry.

I applaud Brock Osweiler, wish him the best of luck in his career, and I sure hope he beats his haters' butts next season because he's doing what's best for him.