2022 has been a big year for Bring Me the Horizon. Just a few months after releasing "DiE4u" — the first single from the upcoming second installment of the Post Human EP project — the band joined Ed Sheeran on stage at the 42nd Brit Awards.

"It was really sh*t-scary...a great experience but very nerve-wracking, especially as it's live," BMTH's Jordan Fish told 94.3 The X. "In the end, it didn't really go wrong and it was fun. It all just sounded natural and right."

"Bad Habits" [Live at the BRIT Awards 2022] — Ed Sheeran feat. Bring Me the Horizon

The band has since released a studio version of their collaboration with Sheeran. While the pairing may seem unusual to some, Fish feels that it is a natural fit for BMTH, which he notes doesn't have a "typical wheelhouse."

"With me being quite more of a producer as a band member, [it] gives us a bit more scope to really experiment with sounds and different genres in a studio environment," said Fish. "We like a lot of different genres of music and have quite broad taste. Anything is fair game for us at this point."

"DiE4u" — Bring Me the Horizon

Although Fish's production is a large part of BMTH, he credits frontman Oli Sykes for spearheading the band's ever-changing sound.

"He isn't really locked by worrying what people are expecting or what people might want. I think I'm probably the one who worries about it more than him," explained Fish. "I'm either a stick in the mud for his creativity or I'm a balancing force...I like to think I'm a balancing force to stop it from going so wild that no one wants to listen to it. He might disagree."

However, Fish is a bit of a stick in the mud when it comes to food — when we told him about Fort Collins' famous cream cheese pizza, he said it sounds "disgusting" (although he's willing to try it).

As for the band's new music? You can expect them to shake it up again.

"This next one's probably going to be quite varied...quite different. It's really hard to say because it's still being born right now. We'll have to find out," said Fish.

Watch the full 94.3 The X interview with Bring Me the Horizon's Jordan Fish below.

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