In Ultra Spiritual Life episode 53, satirical guru JP Sears (the guy who teaches us about enlightenment, gluten and taking the perfect yoga photo on Instagram) tells the internet about 'Boulder:The Consciousness Capital of the World.' As Boulder-resenting Northern Coloradans, we loved every second.

Colorado State v Colorado
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Sears pokes fun at the number of Subarus, vegans and white people -- 'a suspicious amount of white people' -- in the pretentious Colorado city that makes Fort Collins real estate seem affordable.

'As soon as I arrive in Boulder, I instantly want to put on a vest and get behind the wheel of a Subaru Outback... I think it might have something to do with astrology.'

Check out Sears' video about the 'thespians' on Pearl Street, pretending to like the outdoors and how Boulder is actually a cult here:

Sears will be in the 'Consciousness Capital' on March 7 for a book signing, which we thought that was a joke, but it's not.

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