According to Thrillist, the least stressed out city in the United States is in Colorado. Could it be the sunny days, altitude, the 'herb' or D. All of the above?  'D.' We're feelin' good. 

Ronald Martinez / Getty Images
Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

Boulder, or neighbor to the south that we often rival with, has beat us -- and the rest of the country -- at living low-stress lives based on criteria like divorce rates, hours of work per week and sleep. But, before we let our blood pressure raise over their victory, I have some theories why Fort Collins (ranked #14) is feeling some tension.

1. We deal with a bunch of Wyoming drivers. I'm pretty sure those thin out the farther south you go on I-25. 

2. They Keep putting in roundabouts everywhere. This isn't Europe. Stop. It's throwing us all off and then we get ourselves into weird situations. I mean I think we've all been here.

3. You run into your exes everywhere because Fort Collins is definitely a smaller town. I know this because it happens to me every week and it's very stressful

4. We have to constantly worry about the train, and if we're going to be late. 

5. We can't find anywhere to live, and when we do we can't afford it (because we're not Boulder... we don't have trust funds here).

At the end of the day though, the Fort Collins quality of life is doing pretty well at #14 on the list. Probably that perfect balance of beer and outdoor recreation.

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