A long time ago, I worked at a radio station in Cheyenne whose phone number was listed for King Soopers.  It was frustrating.  I was trying to do a show that entertained people and connected with my listener, and in the process I got used to taking daily calls asking for the bakery, the pharmacy, etc., and usually giving them the correct phone number to King Soopers.  (Huh, I wonder if they ever fixed that.)

Some people in Denver are taking a light-hearted approach to this same thing, which is happening to them now.

I'm told an ad runs on Fox News saying

President Trump is demanding an end to chain migration, an end to the visa lottery, and the building of a wall to secure our Southern border. Please pick up the phone now and call.

Get one digit wrong in the phone number?  And you get the Denver offices of Joining Vision and Action, a progressive group who rallies in support of refugees.  The callers generally seem surprised that a live person answers the phone, so now Sarah Hidey, who works there, does her job just a little differently.

I thought it would be humorous to answer as if I was a recording, and say, 'Hi. Thank you for calling to voice your support for refugees and immigrants.'

Moral of the story:  If you're in support of changing America's tradition to welcoming people from all over the world, and you're easily moved by a dramatic sounding commercial on TV?  At least make sure you call the right phone number.

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