It looks like some of our local venues are working together to maximize the hype of some of the more popular bands coming to Colorado, as last year Spoon played the Mishawaka Amphitheater, then weeks later did an outstanding job of helping fill the Red Rocks venue when they played with the Shins.

This time around, Bleachers are playing the Mish' on May 31st, and tickets are on sale now.  Kind of the same hint of a co-effort from concert locations, only this time it's the Boulder Theater where Bleachers play on May 30th.  With the crankable, #1 hit "I Wanna Get Better" and the cruising #3 "Don't Take the Money," it's hard to believe they wouldn't follow up with a large gathering somewhere in Denver, so I'm expecting that as well.

The Mishawaka is keeping some good momentum these days, having also announced the Descendents playing with at least five other bands there as part of Vans Warped Tour's "Punk Off" festival on June 8th (again, the day after a stop at Boulder Theater,) and Cold War Kids rocking the Poudre June 27th.

One final example of a major act playing the Mishawaka this summer, which will no doubt sell out, is 80s rock hit sensation Bruce Hornsby with his current backing band the Noisemakers, on August 4th.

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