You may have heard of this coffee shops that makes the world a better place for those living with disabilities. These wonderful  coffee shops have only been around less than ten years, but they're expanding; their latest one will be in Colorado.

If you love coffee and love helping people (even if you don't love coffee,) you'll be wanting to head to the newest Bitty & Beau's Coffee coming to the Centennial State by the end of 2023.

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Bitty & Beau's Coffee started in 2016; it was created by the parents of two children that each have Down Syndrome. They started in Bloomington, Illinois, but they are now in 12 states (including D.C.) and employ those with intellectual and developmental disabilities; soon, Colorado will make 13.

On Bitty & Beau's website, they have their motto, which includes their motto:

"Changing the Way People...

  • See
  • Value
  • Love
  • Respect
  • Accept

.... Other People."

When you find out about this company, the parents, Bitty and Beau, all of their employees, it really does make you feel better about this whole crazy world. When you see the joy on the faces of the employees, you're cold heart starts to feel that old warmth again.

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Bitty-&-Beau's-In-Colorado (2)
Facebook/Bitty & Beau's


By the end of 2023, maybe the beginning of 2024, Coloradans will be able to visit a Bitty & Beau's for a hot or cold coffee, a snack and to rejuvenate the soul. It was announced in early March of 2023, that they'll be coming to a place that make sense.


They'll be setting up shop at the corner of 15th and Pearl, on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder. It's probably the "most-perfect" spot for such a coffee shop.

From a representative for Bitty & Beau's:

...Boulder is widely recognized as a warm and inclusive community, and I know the people of Boulder will flock to this store. It’s long been the case in Boulder, but we are seeing more shoppers across ages and geographies showing a preference for brands that support issues and causes they care about.

Bitty-&-Beau's-In-Colorado (2)
Facebook/Bitty & Beau's

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