We've reached the mid-point of another fantastic Colorado summer as we celebrate our nation's independence. This survey named one Colorado city as the best place to celebrate the 4th of July in the entire state. Do you agree?

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Where Is The Best Place In Colorado To Celebrate the 4th Of July?

For most, the 4th of July, or in this year's case, the 4th of July weekend, is a time to enjoy a much-needed day off to celebrate our Nation's Independence. (Not in the radio business in case you're wondering, see you at the Greeley Stampede!)  Most city's around Northern Colorado have their own big 4th of July celebrations, but which Colorado town is the "best" city to celebrate the 4th of July in? The answer might make our Noco friends mad...

My pals at WalletHub did another great survey to track down the best, and worst places to celebrate Independence Day across the United States. They based their survey on things like how long the city's fireworks show is, and the average cost of beer, wine, and other liquor. They also look at the weather forecast history, other attractions available, besides fireworks shows, to do, and even safety accessibility. Happy to report that the three Colorado cities that made their Top 100 are much closer to the best and not worst places to celebrate in.

Source: WalletHub

The interactive map above shows you that Colorado knows how to throw a 4th of July party. Colorado's best city to celebrate in? Denver. Denver is Colorado's best city to celebrate the 4th of July landing at number 21 on WalletHub's Top 100 list with a score of 61.48. Aurora is just down the list at number 37 and Colorado Springs checks in at number 64. Technically they're closer to worst than best but we're gonna look the other way. The number one best city is San Francisco, CA, and the worst place is San Bernardino, CA. Where will you be celebrating in Colorado this 4th of July?

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