What, according to Wallet Hub at least, constitutes a "fun city?"

  • Movie ticket prices
  • Number of public parks and theme parks
  • How many ice cream shops the city has
  • The weather
  • Number of bars

Top Ten Fun Cities?

1.  Orlando.  There's a lot of family-friendly stuff to do, and it's not all just Disney-related.  Plus the weather's nice, and it's pretty cheap compared to most cities.

2.  San Diego.

3.  Las Vegas.

4.  Tampa.

5.  Atlanta.

6.  Cincinnati.

7.  Tucson.

8.  Denver.

9.  San Francisco, even though it's the second most expensive city to have fun in.  (The most expensive is New York.  I can personally vouch for that!)

10.  Chicago.


I seriously need to visit the first seven cities.  Every time I leave Denver, there are at least a couple of things I had planned to do while I was there, but just ran out of time.

In addition to concerts (obviously,) there are so many easy, cheap ways to make some cool memories there.

Know what?  The same can be said for Fort Collins.  Nothing against any other towns, but I did radio in Colorado Springs before I moved back north, and I'll never forget Father's Day Weekend one year, when we were homesick and we drove to the Collins of Fort, got a room, rented bicycles, and went freaking everywhere - breweries, Taste of Fort Collins (Collective Soul & American Authors, hellooo!,) and anywhere else we could think of.  Amazing memories.

Of course, sometimes, some of the best memories can be made not doing much of anything, but being in a room with the right someone(s.)  ["Awwwwwwwww."] 

That's more how I spend holidays like 4th of July, while everyone else is dukin' it out for a little space to "escape."


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