Aspen police officer Sgt. Rob Fabrocini had to answer a call to something that has become routine in Aspen:  Smoke rising from a wooded area.

Thankfully, for once, this was no forest fire - at least yet.  Instead, it was a grill-out extravaganza, as two homeless men had just gotten their paychecks, and were simply celebrating the fact they actually had money to eat.  And they did!  That grill was loaded up with lobster, rack of lamb, and salmon steak, while the guys kicked back a 12 of Stella Artois - as, apparently they didn't realize you can get decent beer for the same price, but hey - who am I to ruin their party?!

Sergeant Fabrocini's comment was, "Well... I just had some cold pizza."  Just the same, he didn't cite them, but instead suggested another nearby spot where the guys could carry on without posing the threat of a forest fire.

Sounds to me like a few good people crossed paths and worked things out.  I hope they all continue to eat well and enjoy life.

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