Elvis Cinemas across Colorado closed down back in March of this year, but there's still hope for a sequel if you will. What's all happening with the former family-owned movie chain?

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Elvis Cinemas To Re-Open In Colorado?

With so many great movies coming out these days, it was nice to have so many theater options to go and see them at. When I was a kid we'd almost always see the movies once they were done with the main theater run, as it was obviously more affordable to take a family to the movies that way. The $1 movies with the $1 snack bar items were where it was at. I distinctly remember seeing movies at the old "Super Saver Cinemas" on 64th and Sheridan in Arvada. It was eventually transformed into one of the many Elvis Cinemas around Colorado and remained as such until March of this year. Now, just over a month later, the old Elvis Cinema on 64th and Sheridan which I went to as a kid, will get a new life, again.

Sonora Cinemas Re-Opening Former Elvis Theater In Arvada, Colorado

It's official, the old Elvis Cinema in Arvada, Colorado, will re-open under new ownership as this classic theater will now be run by Sonoma Cinemas, which was another local Colorado cinema. They closed the doors on their location in Aurora back in March of 2020 and now three years later, are getting back in the game.

I was very excited to see this news because I've always loved this old theater. While it won't be run by Elvis anymore, this popular movie location will reopen its doors to the public after some needed upgrades.

That rope light chandelier in the above pic brings back so many memories from when I went there as a kid. I wonder if that hallway still has all of the rope lights too? Was way ahead of its time, I guess. The opening date for Sonora's "new" Arvada theater has yet to be confirmed, but when they do open the doors, it's expected that they'll be showing first-run movies, as opposed to the second-run movies that the former Elvis, and Super Saver Cinemas in this specific location were famous for.

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