Craft supply stores like Joann and Hobby Lobby are not considered 'essential' businesses, however, a handful remain open under Stay-at-Home orders, Business Insider reported. 

According to Longmont Times-Call, the Longmont Hobby Lobby location and Joann Fabric in Boulder were still open as of Monday, March 30.

Additionally, Colorado Springs and Denver area Hobby Lobby stores were still open as well, despite concern from employees, KRDO shared.

Governor Polis' orders closed non-essential businesses until April 11 in order to slow the spread of COVID-19. Under those orders, 'Grocery stores, gas stations, pharmacies, health care facilities, public transportation and other critical businesses will remain open,' the State of Colorado said. 'All non-critical businesses statewide are closed to the public.'

'They are not exempt,' Conor Cahill, the governor’s press secretary, told the Denver Post regarding Hobby Lobby operating under Stay-at-Home. The Denver Post also offered advice on what to do if you feel a business in your community is violating the order.

Business Insider explained that Hobby Lobby's reasoning for remaining open, like other box stores, is because 'it sells educational materials and products for home-based businesses.'

Twitter seems to disagree.

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