And just for the record, this isn't just a Colorado thing but since we're here at the moment, I wanted to point out a few things that have been bugging me about cyclists lately.

First off, I do understand the whole sharing the road concept and I've seen my fair share of people in their vehicles that are certainly no angels and flat out jerks when it comes to being respectful on the road so this isn't just an attack on cyclists but at the same time, they need to be called out too for being disrespectful jerks sometimes.

First off, the bike lane is there for a reason, stay in it and don't ride right on the line especially when there isn't a lot of room for error.


The bike lane is a good 5 feet wide, you have plenty of space to ride and not be on the line and too close to vehicles, there are new drivers and older drivers that get nervous when they see a cyclist or 100 of them when you're riding in packs, be respectful of vehicles as well and understand that we are in a vehicle for a reason.

This one always drives me crazy.

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We're not out to get some exercise and enjoy some fresh air, that's awesome if you are but we are trying to get someplace so cyclists, please stay in your lane and not on the line or worse yet, it happened to me just the other day, don't drift into the traffic lane and just cruise.  We're not playing a game of chicken, it's super scary and we don't want to injure you or worse so stop, not cool.

Also, if you're going to just whip out in traffic and take up an entire lane, give a friendly wave at least and use some hand signals and another thing, cyclists need to follow the same rules as vehicles.

Don't be coasting through stop signs and give people driving dirty looks because they almost hit you.

Just like drivers, cyclists need to know the rules of the road and follow them properly and not just whip out into traffic, I've seen it too many times around here and it's just not cool, and extremely dangerous. Do stupid things get stupid prizes.

Look,,the bottom line is this, everyone needs to share the road and get along.

There are rules to follow on both sides cars and cyclists both. Things that both cyclists and drivers can do to stay safe and sane and share the road together and live in harmony, I truly believe it's possible.

I could go on and explain it myself but I think this video is a fun, entertaining and informative way to bring it all to light and show us that it is possible to share the road and all get along, safely.


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