We may not be able to go to shows in the way that we used to, but COVID-19 restrictions have forced us to think out of the box in order to still enjoy the things we used to — mainly live music. From drive-in theaters to yards, and even river rafts, there are few things we haven't tried, which is how we wound up in our 100-degree parking lot six-plus feet away from an RV with The Heavy Hours

The Cincinnati band released their first single during the pandemic, and while a traditional radio promo tour wasn't an option, the guys loaded up an RV and decided to take their music to front yards, curbsides and hot parking lots across the country.


The Midwestern group, formerly 'The Midwesterns,' changed their name to The Heavy Hours after a William Butler Yeats poem. At least that's what we think they said. We had masks on and it's hard to hear.

They worked on their record with The Black Keys' Dan Aurbach and Australian singer-songwriter Vance Joy, and we were fortunate to get to hear a few songs in person... for the first time in a really, really long time.

The Heavy Hours' first single, 'Don't Walk Away' is out now, and maybe coming to a sidewalk near you.


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