Don't sweat the forecast for too much longer. After a sweltering week, one of our last 90-something-degree days for a while is on the horizon in Northern Colorado. 

While our weekend temps will be in the mid 90s, after that, our forecast says we'll drop back down into the 80s, and even the 70s — for a little while at least.

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Sure, it's a Colorado forecast... so take it as you will. But, as of right now at least, starting on Monday, August 26, the hottest we'll get for the following week and a half is the high 80s, most days peaking in the low 80s.

We won't be too uncomfortable for Labor Day weekend, but it'll still be warm enough to get out and enjoy Horsetooth. We'll be bomb cyclone-ing again in no time.

See the full forecast from The Weather Channel here.

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