AFI frontman Davey Havok has set a Feb. 6 release date for his second book, titled Love Fast Los Angeles. It follows on the heels of his first novel, Pop Kids, which came out in 2013.

Love Fast Los Angeles was written and edited all over the world, and in the skies above it, but the majority of it was tapped out in a West Hollywood coffee shop,” Havok says. “The owners and managers were kind enough to let me squat while sapping their wireless."

He continued, "I began writing it immediately after Pop Kids was finished. I was easily inspired to keep that world alive out of love for the writing process, for the pop kids themselves, and by the impact of the very real culture they represent. After taking a pause for Broadway, whilst hiding in a hole below my friend’s garage in the Hollywood Hills, I was encouraged to return to the manuscript by my dear friend and publisher.”

According to a press release, the novel tells the story of Alvin, a party photographer. His controversial, taste-making website has brought fortune and fame to hundreds, including the wild girls of the hit reality series All F’s. With a "fiery, freshly broken heart," Alvin attempts to enact his vendetta against a former online teen heartthrob while struggling to gain the affection of disaffected socialite, Sky Monroe. The millennial love story is filled with fast cars, pop stars, outrageous poseurs, lavish parties, golden guns, designer drugs and drag queens. Dark Hollywood looms behind a blinding spotlight, directing it all. In Love Fast Los Angeles, celebrity is God, irreverence is revered, and obsession takes the wheel to run every red light in this pop-fueled noir.

“Initially I’d considered Score’s older brother to be the protagonist and the setting to be Los Vegas,” Havok says. “When I recognized the unique character of the young party photographer, I knew Alvin had to voice this tale. I felt it would be fun to tell a modern love story below a harsh spotlight. With LFLA, as with Pop Kids, I've repeatedly experienced its moments come to life around me, if not identically, very close - it’s rather unnerving. In fact, just yesterday I was told of a young lady about town who speaks with Sky’s exact faux accent. This is already happening again in the very early stages of writing the third novel. No matter how extreme, life seems to match or outdo my characters."

Havok, who also sings for Blaqk Audio, XTRMST and Dreamcar, hopes to have his third novel released in "less than a decade." He is also planning for the release of the fourth Blaqk Audio effort.

Love Fast Los Angeles can be pre-ordered here.

Love Fast Los Angeles Trailer

Love Fast Los Angeles
Love Fast Los Angeles

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