If your favorite straight edge vegan is AFI’s frontman, Davey Havok, then we have something in common. You've also probably heard about XTRMST, the hardcore side project of Havok and fellow AFI bandmate, Jade Puget, whose self-titled EP debuts today (Nov. 18).

Remember that other time Havok and Puget had a side project? In 2007, the two formed the electronic duo, Blaqk Audio, so XTRMST isn’t the first time they’ve stepped away from AFI to explore other genres.

And, if there is anything we know about Havok, it’s that over the last two decades, from Sing the Sorrow to Decemberunderground, he’s changed one thing more than his sound— his hair. Today, he’s barely recognizable as the garage punk rocker from Ukiah, California, who sang 'I wanna Get a Mohawk (But Mom Won’t Let Me Get One)' in the '90s.

There was good, bad and ugly, but we’ll let you— and Havok’s mom— decide for yourselves. If you ask us, he's looking pretty good these days (probably the veganism).

As for XTRMST, you can listen here.



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