The ball isn't the only thing about to drop at the end of the year; AAA reports gas prices will, too.

Good news for holiday travelers: Gas prices are about to go down in Colorado. According to The Denver Post, an AAA spokesperson says Colorado should see a 'steep drop' in prices over the next month. This is in part because of winter-grade fuel at the pumps.

'AAA Colorado is calling for gas prices to drop by as much as 25 cents per gallon in the state over the next few weeks,' The Denver Post said.

KJCT similarly reported that there will be a price drop at the pumps in Colorado, stating that 'AAA expects most motorists to see gas prices drop before the new year, with gas prices in Colorado forecasted to drop a quarter or more.'

Gas prices in Fort Collins are between $2.48 and $2.69 right now, GasBuddy says. See current prices here.

According to KJCT, a record-breaking number of Coloradans will travel between December 21 and January 1 at nearly 2 million, and fortunately, it sounds like they'll be filling up for less.

Read more from The Denver Post here.

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