Say what you want about criminals (and horrible drivers) in Northern Colorardo.  At least we don't make the national news for our stupidity too terribly often.

On the other hand, we have 31-year-old Lindsey Stanley-McShane of Lady Lake, Florida, who stole a Kia on Friday.  Eventually she pulled over and got out , and she started trying to break into people's homes until the cops showed up.

They realized the Kia was stolen and they asked Lindsey if she'd taken it, but she said no.

And that's when the cops realized she didn't have any teeth, and they found her dentures inside the stolen car.

She was arrested.  And since she seemed like she was on drugs, they took her to the hospital.

Guys, we really need to take a bite out of crime.





(Here's her mugshot . . . where she's got her mouth completely shut.)

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