So this 19-year-old guy who's a survival instructor at his group camp, woke up about 4:15 yesterday morning being drug across the ground by a bear.  Dylan says he heard crunching sounds, which undoubtedly was his skull cracking as the bear sunk its teeth in.  He adds that he thought he was dreaming, except it hurt too much to be a dream.


It happened at Glacier View Ranch, which is a campground in Boulder County west of Jamestown.

CPW says the bear attacked unprovoked, meaning there wasn’t open food or scented clothing in Dylan’s vicinity.

He was sleeping outside in a teepee along with four other counselors at the time, who then helped fight off the bear.

From 9 News:  'Camping will resume as normal at Glacier View Ranch. The last human death from a bear attack was in 2009.'

Colorado Parks & Wildlife reminds us that bears need to know your presence that's why you should always make noise and fight back if necessary.

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