Well, the bears aren't sleeping quite yet.

As they continue to pack on the calories to fatten up for their winter slumber, the hunt continues for food. And something about bears, if they sense food is nearby, there's not much they won't do to get it, and that includes breaking into a garage with a freezer full of meat.

Ah, talk about heaven.

According to Fox 21, this lucky bear was able to sneak into a garage and swipe over $600 worth of meat that was stored in a big freezer inside a garage. It really wasn't that hard for the bear to sneak in because the homeowner forgot to close the door to the garage. Oops!

I think it's hilarious how the bear just opens the freezer door and is standing there just checking things out and picking out its snacks, just like a person would do looking for a late-night snack.

Suffice to say, the bear found what it was looking for. And then some.

Just some friendly reminders, especially if you live up in bear country:

  • Keep garbage in a well-secured location.
  • Only put out garbage on the morning of pickup.
  • Clean garbage cans regularly to keep them free of food odors: ammonia is effective.
  • Use a bear-resistant trash can or dumpster.
  • Don’t leave pet food or stock feed outside.
  • Bird feeders are a major source of bear/human conflicts. Attract birds naturally with flowers and water baths. Do not hang bird feeders from April 15 to Nov. 15.
  • Do not attract other wildlife by feeding them, such as deer, turkeys or small mammals.
  • Don’t allow bears to become comfortable around your house. If you see one, yell at it, throw things at it, make noise to scare it off.
  • Secure compost piles. Bears are attracted to the scent of rotting food.
  • Clean the grill after each use.
  • Clean-up thoroughly after picnics in the yard or on the deck.
  • If you have fruit trees, don’t allow the fruit to rot on the ground.
  • If you keep small livestock, keep animals in a fully covered enclosure. Construct electric fencing if possible. Don’t store livestock food outside, keep enclosures clean to minimize odors, hang rags soaked in ammonia and/or Pine-Sol around the enclosure.
  • If you have beehives, install electric fencing where allowed.
  • Talk to your neighbors and kids about being bear aware.
  • Keep garage doors closed.

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