Let's just take a moment to never forget that time Domino's Pizza fixed roads without charging us a fee, because in Colorado we may soon be paying an extra delivery fee for pizza, Amazon orders and rideshares. Why? Because we need to 'fix our damn roads.'

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9NEWS reported that on Tuesday, Governor Polis said it's 'time to finally fix our damn roads.' This doesn't just mean filling in potholes (we still appreciate you, Domino's), but a proposed bill aims to 'balance' regional transportation needs, investing in rural communities. The bill also would improve air quality by supporting the electric vehicle market.

Jakob Kohn, Unsplash
Jakob Kohn, Unsplash

That all sounds great, of course, but here come the fees. And though they're not huge, you would see them when you utilized delivery services from food to FedEx, hopped in an Uber, or filled up on gas.

'There’s also a delivery service fee of 27 cents for anything you pay sales tax on, from pizza to Amazon purchases and FedEx deliveries,' CBS4 Denver said about the multi-billion dollar proposed bill.

In 2019, Domino's Pizza paid $5,000 to fix roads in Littleton, so I guess this is a job too big for Paving for Pizza.

Another project that will (hopefully) alleviate some of the stress on Colorado's roads is the Front Range Passenger Rail, which CDOT describes as a 'passenger service rail linking Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins to Denver—a 173-mile corridor.' The project is in the planning phases, so it'll likely be several years of pizza tax before that happens.

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