The City of Fort Collins website asks us to take two minutes to understand the numerous impacts that idling our vehicles brings about, and how big the effects really are.

When I was a kid, people always warmed their cars up in the Wintertime, because if you didn't, it would die when you tried to drive it!  Since the mass production of fuel-injected vehicles, however, there's no need for your car to warm up.  I know what you're thinking:  "But dude, it's FRIGID in my car."  Welllll... We're Coloradoans - We know how to dress for this stuff, right?  Drive it for two minutes!

Anyway, the original thought:

Warming up your car is apparently a crime in Michigan. Nick Taylor, who's 24, said he was running his car for a few minutes in his driveway in Roseville, Michigan, on January 2nd, but was given a ticket. A photo of his citation has since gone viral. The document states he is to pay a $128 fine for a "motor vehicle unattended." Roseville Police Chief James Berlin says he encourages his officers to write these types of tickets as leaving cars running in driveways increases risk of theft.

And the original story:

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