Actually, "idiots" is the safe-for-work version of what he said.

But, after all, Kid Rock plans to do nothing about it - at least according to Ted, who says Rock is absolutely, 100% not running for Senate.  So, maybe we don't bother him so much after all.

The outspoken, right-wing hunter, whom many of us used to just know as a guy who knows how to put on one hell of a fun concert, says the whole thing was made up by some other blabbermouth politician:

(Starts 8:55 into this:)

Kid Rock, who's currently out on tour, has no Colorado dates set as of yet.

Ted Nugent perplexes me.  While I personally don't agree with a lot of what he says, I think we could all learn from his approach to meat eating.  Hunt it, kill it quickly, clean it, cook it, enjoy it!  No torturous upbringing - no messy, nightmarish slaughter - no trucking.  For seven years now, that's how I've enjoyed eating meat, although I haven't done the hunting part - but I am in close cahoots with the guy who does.

Free speech.  Come for the music and entertainment, stay for the political lectures.

Okay, okay.  Before the sensationalism of this topic is completely dead:

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