It will go down as one of the greatest shows in television history. Sure, it made the cast millions, but it also made millions laugh. The FRIENDS Experience should be a blast.

This reminds me of when there was a Star Trek Experience attraction in Las Vegas. You would walk through a corridor, board a shuttle, something happened, and then, boom- you were on the bridge of Enterprise. I went through that Experience, and giggled like a schoolgirl.

The FRIENDS Experience lives in New York City, but they are taking it on the road in 2022, including a stop in Denver. Tickets for the New York show cost about $45; the road show will probably cost a little  bit more.

They're bringing things such as replicas of Chandler and Joey's apartment, a replica of Monica and Rachel's apartment, and (hopefully) the stairwell to Ross' apartment where we can yell, 'Pivot!'

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Dang, that is still such a funny scene:

The FRIENDS Experience Tour will stop in Toronto, Nashville, Washington D.C, San Francisco, Phoenix and Denver. No dates or venues have been announced as of yet. 

This will be a great night out; whether a date-night, a girls' night out, or just a bunch of fans celebrating 'good times,' smile will be had.

You can find out more about the tour and stay up to date with it HERE.


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