I don't know whether you've noticed yet - but I don't - can't, in fact - watch nor listen to sports broadcasts.  All due respect to my friends who live for it.  Don't get me wrong:  I think athletes are amazing and sports are ingenious.  It's just that I am a "doer."  Also, I'm not competitive.  So, if I'm watching or listening, my thought is "If I wanted in on this, I'd be doing it myself!!"  (Again, just one reason I don't own any porn.)

So yes - If you ever hear about sports on the X morning show, you can probably bet your next paycheck that it's because something went terribly, terribly wrong in the world of sports, and it was hilarious.  Otherwise, I don't humiliate myself by pretending to know jack about any of it.

Question:  How is this announcer so nonchalant about this?  At least he got a good line or two in.  Hey, kudos.  I would've laughed like an eight-year-old.

You do have to be happy for the couple, though.  It would be hard to top killin' a little time with your honey... and hearing thousands of people cheering.

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