In Castle Rock, neighbors in Avery Way subdivision are begging a couple to stop having large, loud, wild sex parties at their upscale house.  They mention crowded parking, the sounds they're hearing, and most of all concern for children who live nearby, including those of the couple, as it's a family residency.  An anonymous neighbor mentions that a recent invitation to "Margarita Madness at Thunderstorm Play Palace" went out to roughly 800 people, with nearly 40 couples having RSVP'd.  Referring to similar orgies past, one neighbor says "You can hear people... doing what they're doing."

Well!  Doesn't that sound fun!

But that's not it.  Let's "explore" some of the Facebook comments this has generated so far from various sources:

I thought Dale and Lauri  moved there for the mountains and the clean air! Jokes on me.


What’s the address to this immoral place?

To which someone replied “The other side of the tracks.”


A pic of Stan Marsh’s dad from South Park being hauled away by cops as he says “I thought this was America!”


How do I get ahold of this group? Asking for a friend.


I read a different article that said some party goers were so old they couldn’t climb the stairs . And they bring crock pots filled with food! FYI DONT BUY ANY USED FURNITURE FROM THE MEADOWS


“I just made a kiddie pool full of Jell-O.... Where should I bring it????”


Not sure if I’m just in a bad mood… or everyone is getting action but me.


Avery tagged a friend and said “Is this your parent’s subdivision?”

The number of comments seemed fairly equal between males and females.

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