We've heard a lot of terrible defenses in recent times, ones that are so embarrassingly effortless and apathetic that they don't even qualify as a defense at all.  But enough about American politics. (*ba-da chsssss*)

It's probably safe to say that, for 43-year-old Juan Jose Vidrio Bibriesca, if he had a defense, it went right out the window.  Well, actually it fell out of his hat.  That is, some cocaine that was wadded up in some paper fell to the floor when Bibriesca took off his hat.  He was at the podium alongside two other defendants at the time, right in front of the judge and a police officer, who after watching the surveillance to be 100% sure of what had happened, promptly walked Juan to Eagle County Jail.

The man was initially in court because he had violated a bond stemming from a drug charge.  After this incident, he now had additional charges, of narcotics possession and violating his bond once again.

Addiction is bigger than we are.  I hope Juan gets the help he needs, to live the life he was meant to live.

Hey - Speaking of a hilariously embarrassing lack of defense having to do with drugs - let me share one of my favorite comedy bits ever.  I hope you'll take a couple minutes and it makes you laugh.

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