(Disclaimer:  We don't tell our kids who to believe in, but we do make some very strong suggestions as to what.)

It's a fact:  We become more like the people by whom we surround ourselves.  When it comes to who's president, some people think it influences our music, the way we dress, the way new cars look, and of course, how well we sleep at night.

Then of course there's the big stuff, like who we're helping, what's popular to believe, who we're bombing this week, and other things we have no control over but there's always the chance we'll pay the price anyway.

While I usually tend to just look at my immediate surroundings and strive to make each situation the best it can be for myself and others (credit to my wife for being an amazing influence in that,) I have to admit:  My family isn't looking the same these days.  Help!!!

Yep - Sometimes, I could even swear it's getting to me.  Don't get me wrong:  I can think of worse things than waking up and having my house stocked with Budweiser and Lay's Potato Chips.  But for rizzle, yo - I want my people back!

When I was a (little) kid, I used to cut up presidential debates, inserting myself as the guy asking the questions, and I even got my typically serious, military stepdad to laugh.  I have always made fun of presidents.  This... Is literally the first time I've been able to attempt a political joke-type thing in 2017.

Okay, let's just put the truth out there.  One of my kids scored a free red hat over the weekend, and when she put it on, I was kind of... shall we say... "star struck." And, well... I'm the kind of guy who likes to take things all the way!

Hey, while I'm at it, how about some of the best of the best:  Dana Carvey (Caution -  F-bomb at the end.)

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