I admit it:  I have tried the 'shower beer' thing a few times, because I have had friends who "buzzed" about it a lot.  While I do think it's neat to sit my beer on the upper shelf meant for shampoo, I just don't like to do things while I'm havin' a bev'.  In fact, during drinks is the only time that I'm not busy doing things, which is why I enjoy kickin' 'em back, oh, maybe 18 hours out of a given day.  (Psyche.)

So maybe this is for you:  A Swedish brewery released a new beverage designed to "optimize" the experience of drinking in the shower -- a "Shower Beer" that doubles as conditioner. The PangPang Brewery in Sweden teamed with creative agency Snask to create Shower Beer, "a sweet but strong pale ale in a 6 ounce bottle meant to gulp in three sips while standing in the shower getting ready for the night." Fredrik Tunedal said the ale aims to be the perfect beverage for the time-honored tradition of bath brews. Said Tunedal, "I made to Shower Beer small enough to keep its temperature during the shower, and strong enough to mentally wash your workday off and get ready for a fresh night out."  Ahh, so it's a mental conditioner.

I'll stick to wine & mixers in the hot tub, por favor.

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