Why?  Why, does enjoying beer to my heart's content usually equal my belly being larger than my wife's was when she was nine months pregnant with our twins?

There are two ways a beer lover can attack this problem, with giving up beer not being one of them.  #1:  Work out and pay close attention to which beers, and the amounts of them, you consume.  Or, #2:  Say screw it, remembering that the drunker you are, the less you'll care, and chances are the better you'll look to others who are drunk, too.

I, my friend, am fighting with every fiber of my 'dunlop' to be in the first group.  I suspect most beer lovers in Northern Colorado are the same.

But, if you're in the 2nd group, or even have a slight proclivity for it, look at all this beautiful mass of many a drunken day past.  BOOM-baba!

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