Heads up for your campouts:  When it comes to keeping your food safely stashed, you cannot do too much!  Especially if your car happens to be used to deliver donuts on a daily basis.

Kim Robertson via AP
Kim Robertson via AP

A woman in Steamboat Springs knows that for a fact!  What would you think if you woke up at your campsite and found the back bumper of your car had been ripped off?!  During a quick examination of the vehicle, she saw claw and paw marks and quickly figured out what had happened.

Probably a good thing the bear failed at his feat.  He would have been furious when he got into the car and found out there were no donuts inside.  In fact, good chance he would've destroyed every square inch of the interior continuing his search!

On a side note:  That must've been some sleep.  Could you saw logs through the racket of a bear tearing a bumper off your car?  For me, it's possible tequila might do the job, but probably not even that.

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