Here's one for all of us who have been at a standstill on I-25 (or I-70 for that matter,) and had to pee so badly that we thought of every desperate measure up to and including just letting it happen right outside our cars in front of God and everybody.

Someone had a waaaay bigger emergency, and thank goodness everything came out alright.

Mother and child in the car
Halfpoint via Thinkstock

But only after having to hop into I-25 rush hour traffic.  The hubby got onto the right shoulder and started speeding past everyone (one of the few instances where I personally give a big thumbs up,) but it was already too late.

Interestingly enough, the mother was concerned about whether she could handle delivering her own baby, but says it just came out!  Sounds absolutely heroic to me.

Meanwhile, Dad just kept on driving the whole time.

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