The good thing about living in or very near the mountains is the scenery that you get to experience everyday and having outdoor recreation literally right outside your front door, the drawback of being so close to natural beauty, a case like this when a part of that natural beauty comes crashing down the mountain and into your home.

That's exactly what happened to a homeowner in New Castle when a boulder weighing in at around a ton came barreling through the home seriously injuring a resident and causing a whole lot of damage.



Yikes. Jazmine Camacho, the homeowner described what happened to Fox 31 in Denver:

“It hit our retaining wall then came down to our yard — there’s a huge divot in our yard — and then came into our window then hit our couch, caught some air, flew and went through a wall, hit our entertainment center and then that’s how it went to my mom’s direction,”


Thankfully nobody was killed in this incident but Jazmine's Mom was seriously injured in as the giant rock smashed her foot and that's left the family in a painful position in more ways than one because insurance is not paying for it:


“The odds of this, God knows what it is, but just the one thing I would say to people is check your home policies,” Camacho said, “because you know you think that you’ll be covered in case of an emergency like this, then they lay it on you that you’re 100% financially responsibly and it’s just a big shock.”



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