With the Walmart family buying the Denver Broncos for $4.65 billion, you may have heard that John Elway could have had about $900 million, if he'd only said, 'Yes,' all those years ago.

23 years ago, Pat Bowlen approached John Elway with an offer that apparently John could refuse. Have you ever looked back and then smacked your forehead, 'Doh!' Only John can say for sure how he's feeling now, but it has to hurt at least a little bit.

Elway was offered the opportunity to purchase 10% of the Denver Broncos franchise for $15 million. He had the money, more than enough to pull it off and have lots left over. Bowlen offered another 10% of the team if Elway would let go of the deferred salary he was owed; that would have put John's 'out of pocket' at about $21 million.

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Here we are, decades later. Mr. Bowlen has passed and now the team has been sold to a Walmart heir for over $4.6 Billion. $900 million of that would have gone to John Elway. Nearly one billion dollars. They would have called him the 'Billion Dollar Quarterback.'

But, no.

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Sure, John is a multi-millionaire, but imagine waking up knowing that you have nearly one BILLION bucks. I'd go bonkers. Whose to say that John would keep is 'cool' and only do prudent things? I put together a list of nine things the Hall of Fame quarterback might 'impulsively' do with his windfall. Even after whatever taxes, he'd still have a tidy sum to splurge with.

9 Crazy Things John Elway Might Have Done with His $900 Million

John Elway was offered a 20% stake in the Broncos back in 1998. If he had said yes to that deal, he'd be sitting on nearly a billion dollars. Here are some crazy thing the Hall of Fame QB might have done with the windfall.

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