The holiday travel season has commenced, and so has a lot of weird s**t on I-70. Enjoy!

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I-70 is a major U.S. interstate, connecting every state between Maryland and Utah, most familiar to us being the stretch that winds through Colorado's Rocky Mountains. And it's a wild ride.

Whether you're road tripping or you're headed to a ski resort, you're always bracing yourself for traffic at the very least. I've had a couple of I-70 mishaps myself, one involving Floyd Hill, a massive snowstorm, and a car that didn't go, the other involving a six-hour traffic jam when I had to pee. I'll spare you the deets on how that one ended.

I'm not the only one who's been burned, however. There's an entire Instagram account dedicated to the infamous Colorado road, and it's a great follow (@i70things). Now that it's reopened post-mudslide season, and just in time for masses to pass through for the holidays, or travel up to hit the slopes, there's a lot going on and it's a lot to unpack. We'll keep it to the five most-outrageous things Coloradans saw on I-70 in the month of November.

Despite the utter lack of snow in Colorado, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas on I-70. Global warming is no joke — the ice caps are melting and polar bears have been spotted in the Rockies. 

Did you sleep on the Famous Idaho Potato Tour this month? Because it totally happened. 

U-Haul? Pft. 

I-70 certainly sees its fair share of semi-related incidents, but this truck fire is next level. Some thought the smoke was from a wildfire. Fortunately, according to the account, no one was injured. 

Car fire? Eh, just keepin' it real, like I-70 does. 

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