Here's your feel-good story of the day. Archer, Sammy, Nova, Star and Zoie, who were just five days old at their surrender, are getting a second chance at a healthy life thanks to the volunteers at Larimer Humane Society. 

The five Border Collie puppies were abandoned by their mother last December, and brought to the shelter. However, that put them at risk for disease.

Courtesy Larimer Human Society Volunteers
Courtesy Larimer Human Society Volunteers

Thankfully, the Larimer Human Society said it took just days for loving foster volunteers to take them into their homes and give them the care the needed. Awwww.

'It was hard work,' Foster Care Volunteer Wendy Mills told the Larimer Humane Society. “But it didn’t matter how tired I was because I knew if I didn’t do these things they would die...It was a labor of love... I just had to remind yourself when I was sitting on the bathroom floor at 3 a.m. that it didn’t matter because I was saving their lives.' [Full quote here]

All photos courtesy of Larimer Humane Society foster volunteers.

Despite all of that, the foster volunteers told Larimer Humane Society that the hardest part of taking care of the puppies was returning them to the shelter -- where they have all been adopted into loving families.

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