According to the Larimer Humane Society, 4th of July is the day most pets go missing, nationwide and locally.

Larimer Humane Society recently spoke with the Reporter Herald in Loveland about pet safety on 4th of July during fireworks, which you can read in full here. But, here are three tips for keeping your pets safe if they are scared of fireworks.

1) Stay home with your pets. LHS explains that leaving dogs and cats outside while you aren't around makes it easier for them to get scared and run away. Every 4th of July, we have to stay home with our dogs. They usually go hide in a closet or under a bed, but at least we know they are in the house.

2) Play music for your pets. LHS says that leaving your pets in a quiet room, playing soft music or leaving the TV on for them can cover the sound of the fireworks and keep them calm. That's what they do at the shelter!

3) Make sure your pet is liscensed. LHS ALWAYS recommends this, but, as they shared on their Facebook page, 'Many pets, mostly dogs, terrified by the sounds of fireworks run away and can break free from their yards or homes. Without proper licensing and identification your pet may not make it back home for days, or worse, they may run into traffic in their frantic state and be hit by a car.'

You can read more about pet safety on the 4th of July here.

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