Considering NYE 2019 plans in Fort Collins? There's no rain in the forecast, but there's gonna be a whole lot of cold!

The '90s alt-rock group, Blind Melon, will be playing the Aggie Theatre in Old Town on New Year's Eve (Monday night), but if you're still on the fence about how to ring in 2019, let us help. Here are three reasons to catch Blind Melon at the Aggie.

1) Blind Melon (duh). 

While the band's original singer passed away in the '90s, that doesn't mean you won't hear those older 'deep cuts.' (Listen below for audio from Christopher Thorn, guitarist.)

2) Tickets are $32 in advance.

You'll probably pay more than that in cover charges if you bar hop. Oh, and if you tune into the 4 O'Clock Hookup with me (Shelby), you could get tickets — FO' FREE.

3) It's going to be three degrees outside. 

Last we checked, the Aggie Theatre had heat. But you can stand in line outside a bar and lose some toes before 2019 if you really want to. 

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