CSU football coach Jim McElwain has some drama to deal with already. Three CSU Football players were linked to a beating over the weekend in Fort Collins.  According to the Coloradoan the most severe punishment he can give them right now is indefinite suspension, but that further discipline could be laid down once more information is available.The players involved:

All three have been suspended and could be permanently dismissed from the team.

McElwain did earn some of my respect in how he is handling this because he did say that the players involved all were recruited and part of the team before he was hired as head coach. But, he didn’t try and play any ‘it’s not my fault’ card. He said that when he took the job he also took responsibility for the players on the team and their on and off the field actions.

That’s part of the job, It’s not a fun part of the job but at the same time it is a big part of the job. … We’re here to educate and we’re here to serve.

The incident in question happened after a verbal exchange late Friday night around Laporte Avenue and Shields Street.The Coloradoan reports that the Fort Collins Police are investigating the incident and that no charges have been filed yet nor have any arrests been made.


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