Update: The official statement from Weld RE-4 School District can be found at the end of the article.

Several parent groups have protested in school districts across the state of Colorado both for and against mask mandates in schools. In the Weld RE-4 School District, the topic of incorporating masks into schools was being discussed Tuesday (Aug. 24) night. Coincidentally, the discussion was happening the same day a COVID outbreak was reported in one of the district's elementary schools.

Denver7 reported on the outbreak saying the school had an outbreak of 23 cases and one whole classroom is currently quarantined and studying remotely.

Weld County as a whole doesn't have any current mask mandates in place. Obviously, this is concerning for parents, and the outbreak is even more cause for concern.

According to the report from Denver7, district officials for Weld RE-4 schools decided that once four students test positive in one classroom, the entire class will be required to quarantine and turn to remote learning.

At the board meeting Tuesday night, Denver7 says the board voted on a two-week rolling window and they will implement masks when or if any school has a positive case rate 3% or higher.

We reached out to the Weld RE-4 School District for an official statement and have not yet heard back. We will continue to update the story if further information or an official statement is released.

Update: Official statement from Weld RE-4 School District

We received an official statement from Weld RE-4 School District this afternoon. They said:

On Monday, August 23, 2021, Grandview Elementary School families were informed that per Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment guidelines, Grandview was experiencing a COVID outbreak. At that time, there were 17 individuals at Grandview who had tested positive for COVID (as of 8/24, that number was 23), five of whom were in one classroom (as of 8/24 that number was nine). Students in that class were notified that they would be quarantined and going into remote learning starting on August 24, and returning to school on Tuesday, September 7.

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