If you're active in Northern Colorado social media groups, you've probably heard the buzz about boycotting the gas pump.

Many are calling for residents along the Front Range to avoid getting gas this July. Here's what's going on:

What is the 2022 Gas Pump Boycott?

The 2022 Gas Pump Boycott is a social media initiative that's asking U.S. residents to refrain from purchasing gas from July 3 to 5.

Erik McClean // Unsplash
Erik McClean // Unsplash

It's unclear who started the movement, but it's quickly gaining momentum in states across the country ⁠— including Colorado. The initiative even has its own Facebook page.

Why is the Gas Pump Boycott happening?

It's no secret that gas prices are high (and rising) across the U.S. However, the circumstances are especially dismal in the Centennial State.

The cost of gasoline may be higher in other states, but Colorado's gas prices have recently hit a record high. In fact, AAA reports that, as of Tuesday (June 21), the cost of gasoline in Colorado has risen $0.04 in just one week.

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While there are options for cheap (or cheaper than usual) gas along the Front Range, it's not surprising that Colorado residents are considering a boycott.

Will the Gas Pump Boycott work?

According to WCNC Charlotte, the boycott is unlikely to make a dent in gas prices for two reasons.

The first is that the boycott is too short. Tiffany Wright of AAA Carolinas told the station that giving up gas for three days is like cutting calories before Thanksgiving — you'll still be consuming turkey, or in this case, gas, in the long run.

Gas Prices Continue To Rise Across The Country
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The second is that many people will not participate in the boycott. Since people will still be purchasing gasoline, gas companies probably aren't going to feel the heat.

Gas prices weren't always this high. See what gasoline cost the year you started driving in the gallery below.

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