Imagine waking up to your front door being open and your fur babies both missing. This happened over the weekend as two dogs were stolen from a home near Wash Park on Saturday morning.

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Dogs Stolen From Colorado Home While Their Owners Were Sleeping

Anybody who owns a pet knows that those "pets" are more like your children. If you woke up and discovered that they were gone, you'd probably lose your mind, right? I know I would. Chris Clark and his girlfriend, Elle Sample, woke up in the home near wash Park in Denver woke up on Saturday morning to find both of their dogs were missing. The front door was open as well as the gate in the backyard but that's not all. They got word that one of their dogs, Mo, was possibly at a shelter, so as they went to grab their car keys, that's when they noticed the thief had also taken their car keys, wallets, and bags.

FOX31's Courtney Fromm spoke with the couple who were obviously distraught over their dogs being taken, with one still unaccounted for. Elle Sample to FOX31

She stole our dog while we were here. You cant help but be mad at yourself for not hearing anything

Fortunately thanks to their car's technology, they were able to track the whereabouts of the vehicle and were able to track down the vehicle, and Volkswagon was able to help local authorities locate the vehicle and apprehend the suspect, Victoria Adcock. She is now in the Garden County Jail in the city of Oshkosh, Nebraska. The couple's dog, Shelby, was found safely in the vehicle, and Chris and Elle drove three hours to pick her up on Sunday. Aside from smelling like smoke, FOX31 reports that Shelby is just fine and was obviously happy to be reunited with her owners.

What started as an extremely scary situation on Saturday morning, wound up having a very happy ending by the weekend close.

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