Yes, auto-tune can create a desired effect when singing live, but what happens when you suddenly need to scold security mid-song? That's what happened to The 1975's Matt Healy, who ended up being the focus of a viral moment when his auto-tuned vocal continued mid-song as he tried to get security's attention to help a fan in the crowd. The result comes off like a hilarious new verse to a song you never expected.

The incident occurred at the band's Nov. 23 concert at Phoenix's Arizona Financial Theatre with Healy singing the band's song "I Like America and America Likes Me." As seen in the video below, he stands atop o stage looking down on the crowd, getting to the lines, "Being young in the city / Belief in saying something," when his tone, but not his vocal, suddenly shifts.

"Someone's fallen down over there, go and fuckin' sort 'em out," says Healy to security, still in robotic auto-tune voice, then scolding them, "Stop standing there like a bunch of dickheads."

One fan from the show filmed the incident and then put it on TikTok, making note in the video, "Matty Healy is such a beautiful lyrical genius." Listening to the whole thing play out in auto-tune, it's easy to see why security may not have initially picked up that he was talking to them as it all sounds like part of the song. Check out the humorous video below.

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Coincidentally, The 1975 are currently out on tour in support of their latest album, titled, Being Funny in a Foreign Language. You can get your tickets for the run here.

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