It's probably not the first time and likely won't be the last time that Trivium's frontman Matt Heafy has been confused with The 1975's leader Matt Healy, but it's easily one of the more amusing times. As recounted on TikTok, a man recently purchased a Cameo of the Trivium frontman for his friend thinking it was Matt Healy, and the results are both humorous and kind of sweet too.

As the story goes, the fan named Colin decided he'd purchase a cameo for his friend and bandmate Matthew to celebrate the start of the New Year and was surprised when he found Healy on Cameo, but the one letter off in their names threw him and he was accidentally purchasing a Matt Heafy Cameo instead.

Colin recalled, "I went on Cameo, as you do, to look at the options, great options, great Cameos, and suddenly, Matt Healy shows up, and I'm like, 'No way he's doing Cameos for $75.' I was like, 'That is wild. That is wild.'" So he shared a few key details about his bandmate Matthew so that the musician could send back a personalized message, and it was only upon receiving Heafy's return video that he realized his error.

While Colin initially seemed disappointed upon realizing his error, he came to appreciate it, sharing with viewers, "Enjoy Matt Heafy from Trivium giving the nicest message anyone has ever received on Cameo." With that, he plays the message with Heafy going with the flow of the somewhat surprising info he'd received in the request.

Heafy shared in the video, "I hear you're celebrating the holiday season by going to the gig on the 7th. Heck yes my friends, love to see that, love to hear that. I hear that you're both best friends which is awesome and I hear that you're in a band with Matthew, Colin is, called Post-Party and that you play guitar and love Trivium, The Clash, 1975 ... that's a real interesting mix, I'd like to hear that. You're a big fan of raw steak, I mean so am I..."

The Trivium frontman eventually got word of the mixup, then decided to share Colin's video (as seen below), adding, "This made my day :D."

The 1975 are currently on tour. You can get your tickets for upcoming shows here. Trivium, meanwhile, are currently on tour in Europe well into February with their current shows available at this location.

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