A 19-year-old woman is due in court on Thursday, October 3, after her involvement in a September pursuit, in which she also repeatedly rammed into police officers' vehicles with a stolen car.

According to the Greeley Tribune, the initial incident began just after midnight on September 13, when Greeley police officers reported to the 1900 block of 6th Avenue to assist Evans police after a vehicle had fled from them and crashed.

Nearly an hour later, a Greeley detective noticed a white sedan in the 500 block of 22nd Street that was circling and acting suspicious. The detective proceeded to follow the vehicle into the parking lot of the Princess Apartments, and during this time, recognized the driver as 19-year-old Elisabeth Dominique-Padilla. According to the detective, Dominique-Padilla's boyfriend is tracked gang member, and both are associated with the area.

After following Dominique-Padilla into the parking lot, the detective parked his vehicle in front of hers, and then got out with his weapon drawn. The woman did not obey commands to put her hands in the air, and instead accelerated, ramming into the front passenger side of the detective's vehicle. She continued to ignore commands, and proceeded to cause more damage to the vehicle by repeatedly driving into it. It was determined that the vehicle sustained nearly $2,500 in damages.

According to the police report, Dominique-Padilla then drove north through an alley, and veered right before crashing into another Greeley police car. The officer was able to exit his vehicle before the woman rammed into it. During this time, the officer ran into the back driveway of a nearby home. Dominique-Padilla also drove her vehicle into this same driveway, and almost hit the officer. Instead, she collided into another parked car, before backing up and almost striking the officer a second time. The suspect caused $4,000 worth of damage to the parked vehicle.

The pursuit didn't end there.

Dominique-Padilla then drove back through the alley and across a backyard in the 2100 block of 6th Avenue. In doing so, she crashed into two more parked vehicles, causing an additional $3,000 in damages.

Police continued to chase Dominique-Padilla, as she fled westbound before ultimately coming to a stop by running over a stop sign in the median at 23rd Street and 10th Avenue.

Dominique-Padilla then ran out of the passenger side door before police were able to apprehend her from the vehicle. Officers then established a perimeter and found the suspect hiding in the bushes outside of a residence in the 2200 block of 10th Avenue.

Throughout the investigation, police determined that the vehicle Dominique-Padilla was driving was stolen out of Longmont. In addition, they located 0.4 grams of heroin wrapped inside of foil in the driver’s seat.

Dominique-Padilla is facing charges of attempted first-degree assault, vehicular eluding, a felony drug charge, theft of a license plate and multiple criminal mischief charges.

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