CDOT and BACtrack breathalyzers have teamed up for the Before You Go, Know campaign in an effort to lower the number of DUIs in Colorado. At Saturday's on-campus game, they surprised football fans with their breathalyzer results.

Northern Colorado v Colorado State
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BACtrack creates breathalyzers that work on smart phone mobile devices, which they were demonstrating at Saturday's 'orange-out' football game.

'You don’t have to guess what your BAC is, you can know it,' CDOT Communications Manager Sam Cole said in a press release. 'The purpose of this outreach is to educate people that there are devices available to prevent impaired driving.'

CDOT also reported that most people they breathalyzed were surprised by the results they had.

According to the press release from CDOT, Felipe Martinez Jr. said, 'I’m a pretty big guy, but my BAC was much higher than I expected.'

That is exactly the kind of awareness CDOT is hoping to raise so that less people will get behind the wheel, assuming that they are OK to drive when they are not.

Through the end of September, you can use the code CDOT to get a smart phone breathalyzer at a discount via Heat is on Colorado.

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