My name is Mollie, and I'm allergic to peanuts. So as you may imagine, National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day (April 2) must be torture for me, right? Actually, think again.

I've been allergic to peanuts my entire life, and while I've grown out of my allergy to other tree nuts, the peanut allergy persists.

It hasn't really been difficult to avoid peanuts, and I have never felt deprived of a childhood. But manufacturers have come up with alternatives to peanut butter that almost anyone can enjoy, especially someone like me who cannot eat peanuts.

Below are some of my favorite peanut butter alternatives to enjoy on National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day (and every day). Bon appetit!

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    Sunflower Seed Butter

    Like any other butter, sunflower seed butter is super addictive because of just how amazingly delicious it is. As someone who grew up with a peanut allergy, the smell of sunflower seed butter (I love the brand Sunbutter) always smelled like peanut butter to me - even so, I felt oddly comfortable eating it because I knew it would not kill me. Sunflower seed butter can be used as a substitute in pretty much any recipe that calls for peanut butter.

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    Cookie Butter

    Cookie butter is probably not the healthiest option, but neither is peanut butter when you're eating it by the spoonful.

    Biscoff cookie spread can be found at just about any grocery store, but if you're unable to find it, you can always make your own! (See homemade recipe in the video below.)

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    Nutella is also probably not the healthiest, but if you're like me where you can't eat peanut butter but CAN eat other nut butter, then you'll at least feel like you can fit in by eating Nutella. And it's super delicious.

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    Soybean Butter

    I've never personally had soybean butter, but I can only imagine it tastes pretty similar to sunflower seed butter. Plus it's not peanut butter. So as long as you can eat soy, you're all good to go with this PB alternative!

    You can find soybean butter in jars just like peanut butter, Nutella, and Sunbutter, or you can make your own (see video below for tutorial).

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    Almond Butter

    Same thing goes for other nut betters - if you can't eat peanut butter but CAN eat almonds, then this is a great, super yummy alternative to peanut butter. It's also super addicting, so beware.

    One brand I love, and have heard great reviews about, is Justin's Nut Butter. I've had Justin's almond butter, and it was amazing. Plus, Justin's is local to Colorado! Learn about this local, organic product in the video below.